Xerox C60 Production Color Multifunction Laser Printer Copier Scanner For Business

Are you looking for the best office copiers in Toronto? The Xerox Color C60 Printer is part of marketing flexibility, professional picture quality, and the ability to expand with your company. In addition, it’s a one-stop-shop for productivity improvement in any setting.

Overview Of The Printer


  • From The Start, A Versatile And Cost-Effective Solution

A multifunctional color copier in Toronto provides the flexibility and effective workflow that your team requires. Your design, creative, and production teams are looking for a higher standard of quality and completion. 

The Xerox Color C60 Printer combines all of the advantages. It also qualifies as the lowest price Toronto copier. Print, copy, fax (optional), and scan with the Xerox Color C60, including scanning and printing from a PC, USB, or mail. It can even print from most mobile phones and tablets. The Xerox Color C60 enhances any team’s efficiency in this way.

Row of different copier machines

  • Exceeding Customer Expectations

The Xerox Color C60 Printer is meant to generate high-quality digital prints. You get excellent results every time, be it a consumer brochure, a compelling proposal or present, an eye-catching poster, or even window decals or polyester signs that you require to print.

The Xerox Color C60 Printer simplifies collecting, editing, and storing documents, providing you with all the tools you will need to complete a high-quality job quicker.

  • Capture Efficiency

Multitasking at its finest. The color copiers Toronto ensures that all files can be captured, printed, copied, faxed (optional), or routed simultaneously. On-screen previews of scans and faxes help you avoid mistakes.

Time and steps are conserved. The Xerox Color C60 provides excellent scanning and enables you to send files to any location. Email lists, save them onboard and transmit them to a PC, server, USB drive, or fax machine. In just one step, you could create a searchable PDF.

With the power of Xerox Workflow Solutions, you can expand your options and revolutionize the way business is done.

ConnectKey for DocuShare from Xerox. Directly scan files into Xerox DocuShare folders. With easy file naming and routing tools, you can go beyond essential file storage and PDF creation by instantly turning documents into intelligent, structured data.

With XMPie, you can make it more personal. You may expand into high-value variable applications at a cheap cost and with ease with XMPie’s unstable data printing software. Scan to PC Desktop from Xerox Link Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, and paper combined.

Xerox C60 Production Color Multifunction Laser Printer Copier Scanner For Business

  • Secure And Assured

EAL3 certification for the entire system based on Common Criteria (ISO 15408). As a result, the Xerox Color C60 Printer meets the most demanding security requirements. Print with confidence with the lowest price Toronto Copiers. Hold print tasks inside the queue until the user inputs the password to keep documents secret.

Password-protected PDFs. To open and see a critical scan, you’ll need a password. Encryption is standard 256-bit and FIPS 140-2. Image Recopy is the gold standard for data protection.

  • Costs Can Be Readily Controlled And Tracked

Standard Accounting at Xerox. This program is a common feature on the device that is installed locally. It has comprehensive accounting tools that allow you to track, evaluate, and restrict device usage. In addition, this office copier Toronto shows you where your expenses are coming from to minimize them.


Summing up 

Every business requires photocopiers to help execute their tasks. With the lowest price Toronto copiers from Shai The Copy Guy, we assure you the quality product at the most reasonable rates. 

Purchase A New, Refurbished, Or Off-Lease Copier

Copiers or photocopiers are the heart of any office and are among the much-needed tools. These machines help businesses deal with various features and help enhance workflow and boost your productivity. These copiers have evolved into machines that boast plenty of features useful for offices. Copiers have taken over the most offices, and if you are finding office copiers in Toronto, then Shai The Copier Guy could help you out. Don’t know much about copiers? No worries, keep reading. 


What Does A Refurbished Or Off-Lease Copier Help With? 



  • Minimizes The Expenses



The advantage of buying off-lease or refurbished office copiers Toronto is they are more reasonable than standard and span copiers. The justification behind this is basic: they’re utilized and should be sold accordingly. However, regardless of their pre-owned status, they have been expertly kept up with and fixed, which means they are regularly in much-preferred condition over the norm, utilized copiers. Because of their reasonableness, these copiers are well known among disparate organizations that need predominant quality innovation without high prices. You can also buy Toner Cartridges in Toronto from where you get your copier. 



  • Good Quality



The off-lease or refurbished copiers have been buckling down in professional workplaces for months or a long time when you buy them. While this damage may appear as something awful, it shows that these are especially solid units and that you can depend on any off-lease copier you purchase. Before they go available to be purchased, they are exposed to a full go through by an expert help tech, which implies they show up at your office looking incredible and all set to work.



  • Assortment



Need the best type of color copiers Toronto? Shouldn’t something be said about a high contrast model? Maybe you’re searching for a particular brand or make? Regardless of what your case is, picking an off-lease copier or a refurbished copier is an incredible method to get an assortment you need at a value you can bear. They generally auction rent copiers from the most trustworthy names in the business, and they are all here for you to browse. 



  • Charges



Copier renting gives a particular duty advantage over copier buying. Assuming you purchase a lowest price Toronto copier, you may just deduct the machine’s devaluation, which is ordinarily 40% of the buying value in the principal year and afterwards 25% of the buying cost in the resulting years. In any case, assuming that you rent a copier, the rent installment is considered a pretax cost of doing business, which means you can deduct the whole installment each time it is made. You can also save charges by buying copiers with the best toner and ink cartridges in Mississauga


Shai The Copier Guy – Find The Lowest Price Copiers in Toronto 


After reading this blog, you will now have a better sense to buy a copier for your office. But the new one would be a bit costly, so why not go for a refurbished or off-lease copier. If you want to buy the lowest priced office copiers in Toronto, you can choose for Shai The Copier Guy. We have a decent collection of the latest and refurbished copies at unimaginable affordable prices. They stand behind the quality of their copiers and hence you will find them in high quality. 

Top 5 Color Copiers for Small Business: Cost, Quality, & Features Explained

Suppose you are running a small-scale business that operates on various technologies. In that case, you need to make proper and effective buying decisions that can handle all your office or business operations without any major problems. Office copiers in Toronto are required to handle various operations like scanning documents, printing graphics or designs, faxing, etc. 

Here are the five best colour copiers for small businesses


 Xerox C60

Color Copiers for Small Business

 Xerox C60 costs around $117/month on lease in the Toronto copiers sale. It comes with a premium quality that commits to the fastest, safest and most durable operation performer and can undergo several operations simultaneously without any errors. The Xerox C60 is effective in both durability and compatibility, offers various functions and helps small-scale businesses in their operations effectively. 


 Sharp MX-2640 

The Sharp MX-2640 is one of the finest products for your daily business needs and costs around $39.95/month for lease. It can handle pages up to 26 x A4 pages and provides the best resolution prints. It is the cheapest yet most affordable product for your business and office copiers’ needs.


 Ricoh MP C306 

Ricoh MP C306  is the perfect solution for all your office and home needs as it offers great clarity and details of the work, with its finest technology and features. You can purchase it at the lowest price of $1,995. It is compatible with your smartphone and computer to print with its e-print facility. It is one of Canada’s lowest price office copiers to consider in the long run.


Ricoh MP C3004

The Ricoh MP C3004 offers various functions like screen touch for printing options, direct USB ports for connectivity, and an output of 35 ppm. It is designed to survive in the long run and offers premium features worth the price. It’s your one-stop destination for copiers/printers for all your business needs and perfectly fits your work environment. You can easily lease it for $59/month.


 REPO Xerox Altalink C8045 

Xerox has stood for its reliability and product specifications for so many years in the printing industry. It can print 45 ppm and has a monthly duty cycle of up to 200,000 pages. The premium features like e-printing, USB connectivity and faxing, make it to the top in the copier industry. At least, it costs around $59.00/month in the office printer sale.


Cost Of Color Copiers in Toronto

These multifunctional products are built to work up to 15 to 30 users at a time, and it comes with affordable pricing in the market. You can find the lowest price copiers at Absolute Toner, one of the most trusted dealers in the Toronto area, offering the finest quality and sustainable colour copiers for small-scale businesses to run in the long run. You can either lease or purchase from various copiers/printers available. All other equipment like cartridges, toners and inks cartridges should be considered with the required cost and should not exceed your business expenses. 

Is it Time to Trade in Your Old Office Copier

Is it Time to Trade in Your Old Office Copier?

No longer conducive or cost-effective to running an efficient company, older office technology can become a source of frustration. However, many companies keep these devices since they are unaware of how simple it is to trade in your old office copier. Trading in old copiers for newer versions is easy and will help your business keep growing.

Office Copier Trade-Ins

Various kinds of office copiers can be contemplated for a trade-in. First, an evaluation of your current copy machines are going to be conducted to find out their value, and after that you will be able to choose newer gear that will better suit your business requirements.

Many companies rent their equipment until the end of the lease term. But lots of lease agreements have provisions that allow you to trade in your copier device early if you’re updating to another office copier. It’s important to look at your contract and talk with your seller to determine your options if your office copier is no longer meeting your needs.

What are the Benefits?

The most obvious benefit of trading in your copier is that you will benefit from newer, energy-efficient technology that will raise your productivity. Rather than continuing to pay financing or leasing charges on a photocopier that you no longer desire, you can put your money towards a more useful business machine.

Trading in your photocopier is also an environmentally friendly choice. Photocopiers that are traded in may discover new life with another organization or they might be donated to a non-profit organization. Any office copier that’s no longer useful will be properly recycled.

Over 80% of printers, copiers, and other business machines are traded in for newer models. This frequent practice is beneficial and cost-effective for many businesses. If you find your photocopier is no longer suiting your business needs, take advantage of the chance to trade it in for updated versions that will improve your productivity and help you save money in the long-run.

Ricoh Copiers

Ricoh is one of the most reliable copier brands available in the market place. The business is known for its high-quality products, excellent service and a vast network of dealerships around the countries it functions. The company also possesses Lanier Worldwide, an American company that provides complete document management options. Lanier printers are created to meet the everyday needs of the businesses, offices, large corporations, and people. These printing devices are fast and very convenient to use. They’re best suited for mid size businesses that find higher volume systems expensive and the lower end systems not able to deliver premium quality resolution and performance.

Ricoh Characteristics

Ricoh copiers offer you premium document solutions that are quick and affordable. When it’s full color or black and white, you can anticipate rapid and secure delivery within no time. Ricoh copiers combine affordability and versatility to come up with an entirely new product catering to the market.

Many small and medium sized businesses favor Ricoh digital copiers because they include a plethora of features that add value to their business. Firstly, these backup devices can deliver you a copy within ten minutes. That is relatively fast, isn’t it? Likewise, it includes a full bleed printing and copying attribute. The straightforward editing features enable you to control the documents under your needs. Similarly, an auto duplex Ricoh copier will help you work both sides of a page.

Why Opt for Ricoh Copiers?

Well, these digital copiers can deliver around 20 copies inside a minute, irrespective of whether it’s black and white or color copies. Further, it’s fully optional network printing module allows you to access various file management options directly from the computer. Another facet that enables Ricoh to stick out from the sector is its big distribution system. This permits the enterprise to supply a broad range of document solutions to individuals, small companies and massive corporations within an affordable and efficient way.

Finally, investing in Ricoh copiers enables you to enjoy high-quality document management solutions and also save a little money for your industry.


The Environmental Impact of Buying Refurbished Copiers

Going green appears to be an extremely common trend these days. From home cleaning goods to the car sitting in your driveway, even the recycling bin at your grocery store, virtually every product has a way to help conserve the environment. But did you know that you can take this a step further and maintain your workplace green as well? Buying refurbished copiers will contribute to save money, natural resources, raw materials, and help safeguard the environment.

Buying a refurbished copier means you’re eliminating the demand for new raw materials, which helps conserve the natural resources that are necessary for the production. The natural resources preserved are reason enough to consider purchasing a refurbished copier.

Copiers can also have power save modes or sleep features. This is remarkably similar to when your computer goes to sleep after a period of inactivity. The copiers will go through the same process, shutting down unnecessary applications to conserve electricity. Not only does this put money back in your pocket, but also helps cut back on your company’s carbon footprint. Looking for the “Energy Star” logo in your refurbished copier is a wonderful way to make sure that your copier was endorsed by the government’s energy saving programs.

Even buying toner and ink cartridges that are refilled can help decrease the impact on the environment. This procedure will offer the very same benefits that buying the copier will: reduce the usage of natural resources during the production process, and lessening the need for raw materials.

Refurbished copiers also help keep the materials from landfills. Copiers and ink and toner cartridges are made up of elements and substances that take centuries to decompose in a landfill. Purchasing a refurbished copier can help reduce the contamination from the landfill.

Refurbished copiers are a wonderful way to cut the effect on the surroundings. Even large manufacturers like Canon copiers, Ricoh copiers, HP copiers, and Xerox copiers can be refurbished to help keep your workplace eco-friendly. Therefore, if you want to help maintain your office green, why don’t you purchase a refurbished copier? From preserving natural resources, cutting back on raw materials, and reducing the energy costs, refurbished copiers are a superb way to help protect our environment.

Top Ten Copier Energy Saving Tips

Make Everybody Aware: It’s amazing how fast people get into bad habits. Ensuring that everyone at work just uses your printers and copiers when necessary is quite significant indeed. At first glance around many companies, you will find far more paper goes to waste than needed, often only because people have shaped bad habits. For instance, copies of a record may be created when it could just as readily be scanned in and emailed about to coworkers. Engaging your employees to believe whenever the paper is absorbed is crucial and can make a substantial difference both concerning energy and monetary expenses.

Energy Credentials: Whether purchasing a new copier, printer, scanner or multifunction printer (MFP), make certain to look at your product’s environmental qualifications. A variety of businesses, such as Energy Star, located in the united states, set out very rigorous and precise standards, to ensure just the most efficient machines bare its emblem. At any one time, no longer than fifty percent of merchandise in any particular appliance marketplace ought to have Energy Star certification, which means that you may be certain, both which standards are very high and continuously increasing.

Check the Screen Before You Print: Always examine the graphic display carefully and only press the green button once you are confident of the result. In fact, it’s worth familiarizing yourself with all the system’s onboard menu before you truly need copies. This way, you’re in no rush to find the function you need or at risk of frantically making unnecessary copies.

Switching Copiers ‘Off’: Everyone in the office should make certain that you check that all copiers and some other non-essential machines are turned off before leaving the office. Quite a few copiers automatically switch into standby mode, so energy could be saved this way even during the working day, possibly lowering your energy bills significantly as well. It makes a lot of sense to delegate this duty too so that someone is ultimately accountable if machines are located left on overnight.

Default Duplex: Select a photocopiers duplex to operate for dual sided printing. This should be set to default, which will significantly lessen the amount of paper that is consumed and also reduce your office expenses.

Just Use What You Require: Always choose the copier/printer that’s very good sufficient for your occupation. As an example, do not print or copy with a far bigger color/gloss newspaper MFD if a smaller, easier black and white, matte paper equipment will suffice.

Check the Screen Before You Print: Always examine the graphic display carefully and only press the green button once you are confident of the result. In fact, it’s worth familiarizing yourself with all the system’s onboard menu before you truly need copies. This way, you’re in no rush to find the function you need or at risk of frantically making unnecessary copies.

Know Your Document Handler: It might sound basic, but when setting your record from the record handler, make sure it’s the right way up. You will always understand, as someplace closely in perspective, will probably be a relief picture of a standard document, clearly indicating which side should be facing up and down which.

Do Your Homework: Be sure you’re completely aware of your existing device’s functionality. Comparatively new copiers frequently incorporate scanning, printing as well as faxing and may be net connected also. So, your present photocopiers may do a whole lot more than you think, and it will be easy to work out whether you are going to be able to save, as soon as you fully understand its capabilities. If your copier doesn’t possess all these attributes, and you’re purchasing again, it might be more cost efficient as good energy efficient that you opt for a multifunction copier. When used correctly, multifunctional copiers can save on the number of copies and prints that your company makes and will frequently charge less regarding both the finances and energy consumption than if you should run several single purpose devices separately.

Consult a Document Management Specialist: A whole industry has grown up around copiers, scanners and inkjet printers, offering document management solutions which are economical as well as energy efficient as possible. Software bundles are available that track employees print/copy use, which means that you can decide where in your business, energy and resource might be being wasted. Other programs enable you to configure copiers and MFP’s to function in the most efficient manner, so machines are not mislocated or misused.

Recycle: Among the greatest ways for businesses to limit their environmental impact and help save energy is to recycle. Providing convenient and simple waste paper disposal agreements makes cleaning your unwanted waste paper fast and straightforward. As a rule of thumb, keep big waste paper bins directly from the copiers – big so that they do not fill up so quickly, so the lure of local overall waste bins is not that powerful. And make sure your organization appropriately disposes of its other consumables. Most printer cartridge makers will provide directions for disposal, whether it be returned by shipment or a local recycling center. In this manner that the ecological and energy impact of your copying is kept to a minimum.

The Refurbished Copiers Trick Saves You Thousands!

If I told you a way to save as much as 85 percent on an item which every company needs, you would be interested right? Of course you would! It is no secret that refurbished copiers can save your business up to thousands of dollars for a basic version. However, it is a hefty price saving that many companies do not even think about!

When it comes to office photocopiers let us be honest, who cares if it’s brand new? Have you ever had anyone visit your workplace and cease to marvel at your copier? I know that it’s a dumb question, but it highlights why refurbished copiers are a clear yet little known small business secret that highly effective managers utilize.

If you’ve got a company or manage a budget for your section, gently used copiers are an excellent way of saving money yet getting the same performance from a new unit. Got you interested now haven’t I? Alright, so what should you search for when purchasing copiers refurbished?

Firstly, ask the dealer of their refurbished copiers procedure. Any reputable dealer will clean their copiers inside as well as out, have any of the worn parts replaced and also have a checklist to test for the most frequent mistakes and will ensure that the quality.

The vast majority of electronic copiers nowadays have an integrated counter which records the number of copies completed. Much like using a vehicle, the lower your duplicates, the greater the cost. But most refurbished copiers will include some guarantee so that it’s ideal to work it difficult from the first days to assess quality and reliability. One last point, it is worth negotiating a protracted guarantee period with the trader particularly if they will not budge on the purchase price. Try and find a warranty extending into a year and everything you will have caught a whole lot in your refurbished copiers!


If there’s anything that I’ve heard about refurbished copiers let it be these two fundamental facts. First of all, refurbished copiers are as good as brand new copiers. Second, they can cost up to 85% under a brand new copier saving you thousands of dollars on a top spec model. If you switch to refurbished copiers the only difference you’ll notice is more cash in your pocket!

Xerox Copiers

There are several different types of business copiers that we can use to help with our workplace performance. Since the majority of the instances we’re copying or printing files, we need to select a copier which will satisfy our work demands. In this respect, the Xerox copier is considered as being dependable.

All of the copiers available on the market, Xerox is an excellent choice whether you are in the corporate world or if you’re operating a small to medium business. There are various varieties which you can opt to suit the work load that your office goes through on a daily basis. Every Xerox copier has different characteristics which make them eminently perfect. Some will execute the use of copying files only.

These are multifunction copiers which are affordable for any business. Work center and fax center combines both colored and black and white documents. It’s been given these name combinations since it can copy, print and scan in the job center section of the copier. It is possible to use the Fax Center to send and receive faxes using a multi-function product which has color and black and white printing skills.

The next time you are in need of a copier you should see the available selections of Xerox multifunction copiers for all your business requirements.

How To Buy The Right Copier

There are two common types of copiers sold in the market today. While that seems underwhelming, there are vast differences which could lead you to the huge headache that comes from picking the wrong copier. Thankfully there’s educational information on how to buy the right copier for the task.

Business copiers were designed with ability to print in higher volumes, and the dependability a copier owner looks for. Business copiers are typically sold by knowledgeable and reputable traders, not office supply stores. While business copiers are the perfect fit for most businesses, hence the name, “office copiers”, or personal copiers, are a great choice for the average consumer. Office copiers are for those printing in low volumes. Usually they’re sold in office supply stores such as Office Depot, or Staples.

Price of Equipment

Just shopping for cost and purchasing one on price alone can be misleading and may wind up being more expensive in the long term. This is particularly the case when you create thousands of copies per month. You could be paying three times the quantity of the price of the copier in toner and supply expenses. It doesn’t matter if you are buying one for business or individual use. The very first thing you should do is research the cost per copy.

Volume and Cost per Copy

When purchasing a copier, you must first research your monthly copy volume. Here is the initial step in choosing which copier is ideal for you. One simple way to ascertain this would be to think of the number of reams of paper you use a month. Simply multiply that by the number of reams that you use, and you’ve got a fairly accurate evaluation of your “copies per month.” The reason you have to be aware of this is that it helps you determine your “price per copy.” This is how far it can cost you each time you press the backup button. Now, you take the cost of the toner and divide that into the estimated yield, and you have your cost per copy. Your price per copy is.01 cents per copy. Office copier supplies are nearly always more expensive than a business class type copier.

Service and Repair, Service Contracts

Most copier service businesses, (not connected with office nightclubs) won’t provide you an onsite service contract within an office copier. This is because they don’t sell them. Office supply stores often offer you extended warranties, but policy might not be complete. For instance, they may not pay the toner, or they won’t cover onsite service.

Dealers of business class copiers typically have a service contract which includes parts, support, and toner and supplies (everything except paper) are significantly less costly than the toner prices on a private copier.

Automatic Document Feeder and Feed Systems

Document Feeders

An automatic document feeder will be the feeder which automatically feeds your original files one at a time, so you don’t need to stand there and lift the lid every time you’ve got a pile of originals to be duplicated. Not all file feeders are created equally. There are lots of distinct mechanisms that nourish, different and eject the originals on all of the makes and models of copiers. Business kind copiers have far better mechanics than private copiers. Whenever you’re in business, and you make lots of copies and sets of copies, it is frustrating when you can’t count on this feature to function dependably.

The most frequent problems are multi-feeding and jamming. Multi-feeding is when the feeder pulls in more than one at a time. Most of the time the copier won’t permit you to understand this occurred. It will not show a jam, and you might not realize that it did this until you are in the center of your crucial meeting and you’ve got some pages that are missing. Paper jamming is another problem where it doesn’t pull the paper through properly and jams. Additionally, this is quite frustrating.

Feed Systems

Feed systems are the rollers and mechanisms that pull on your backup paper to make copies. Paper jams are the most frustrating thing that a person can have using a copier. Office supply store copiers have weak systems that feed the paper in and as you make larger copier runs the dependability is much under a company type copier.

Quality and Longevity

The quality of these copies being produced has improved through the years especially because of the electronic evolution. There is not much difference in backup quality. I’ve seen personal copiers that have equally as excellent resolution and copy quality as a very expensive business copier. But, when it comes to the quality of manufacturing, sturdiness and just plain quality of the gear you can see a big difference.

Business kind copiers are built to last. It depends on your backup volume as to how long every machine will last. Company copiers are built to last the monthly duty cycles that the producer has designated. Though sometimes I feel that they over estimate these numbers. There are applications in which a private copier will have to be substituted in only one year besides a business kind copier which may endure seven to ten years!


Purchasing a copier can be pricey, but buying the wrong copier may be a waste of cash. By doing your research ahead of time, you’ll be able to spend less and use your regulator for several years with few issues. Finding a reliable business to service your system is equally as important as buying the correct machine.