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Purchase A New, Refurbished, Or Off-Lease Copier

Copiers or photocopiers are the heart of any office and are among the much-needed tools. These machines help businesses deal with various features and help enhance workflow and boost your productivity. These copiers have evolved into machines that boast plenty of features useful for offices. Copiers have taken over the most offices, and if you […]

Top 5 Color Copiers for Small Business: Cost, Quality, & Features Explained

Suppose you are running a small-scale business that operates on various technologies. In that case, you need to make proper and effective buying decisions that can handle all your office or business operations without any major problems. Office copiers in Toronto are required to handle various operations like scanning documents, printing graphics or designs, faxing, […]

Is it Time to Trade in Your Old Office Copier

Is it Time to Trade in Your Old Office Copier? No longer conducive or cost-effective to running an efficient company, older office technology can become a source of frustration. However, many companies keep these devices since they are unaware of how simple it is to trade in your old office copier. Trading in old copiers […]

Ricoh Copiers

Ricoh is one of the most reliable copier brands available in the market place. The business is known for its high-quality products, excellent service and a vast network of dealerships around the countries it functions. The company also possesses Lanier Worldwide, an American company that provides complete document management options. Lanier printers are created to […]

The Environmental Impact of Buying Refurbished Copiers

Going green appears to be an extremely common trend these days. From home cleaning goods to the car sitting in your driveway, even the recycling bin at your grocery store, virtually every product has a way to help conserve the environment. But did you know that you can take this a step further and maintain […]

Top Ten Copier Energy Saving Tips

Make Everybody Aware: It’s amazing how fast people get into bad habits. Ensuring that everyone at work just uses your printers and copiers when necessary is quite significant indeed. At first glance around many companies, you will find far more paper goes to waste than needed, often only because people have shaped bad habits. For […]

The Refurbished Copiers Trick Saves You Thousands!

If I told you a way to save as much as 85 percent on an item which every company needs, you would be interested right? Of course you would! It is no secret that refurbished copiers can save your business up to thousands of dollars for a basic version. However, it is a hefty price […]

Xerox Copiers

There are several different types of business copiers that we can use to help with our workplace performance. Since the majority of the instances we’re copying or printing files, we need to select a copier which will satisfy our work demands. In this respect, the Xerox copier is considered as being dependable. All of the […]

How To Buy The Right Copier

There are two common types of copiers sold in the market today. While that seems underwhelming, there are vast differences which could lead you to the huge headache that comes from picking the wrong copier. Thankfully there’s educational information on how to buy the right copier for the task. Business copiers were designed with ability […]