The Refurbished Copiers Trick Saves You Thousands!

If I told you a way to save as much as 85 percent on an item which every company needs, you would be interested right? Of course you would! It is no secret that refurbished copiers can save your business up to thousands of dollars for a basic version. However, it is a hefty price saving that many companies do not even think about!

When it comes to office photocopiers let us be honest, who cares if it’s brand new? Have you ever had anyone visit your workplace and cease to marvel at your copier? I know that it’s a dumb question, but it highlights why refurbished copiers are a clear yet little known small business secret that highly effective managers utilize.

If you’ve got a company or manage a budget for your section, gently used copiers are an excellent way of saving money yet getting the same performance from a new unit. Got you interested now haven’t I? Alright, so what should you search for when purchasing copiers refurbished?

Firstly, ask the dealer of their refurbished copiers procedure. Any reputable dealer will clean their copiers inside as well as out, have any of the worn parts replaced and also have a checklist to test for the most frequent mistakes and will ensure that the quality.

The vast majority of electronic copiers nowadays have an integrated counter which records the number of copies completed. Much like using a vehicle, the lower your duplicates, the greater the cost. But most refurbished copiers will include some guarantee so that it’s ideal to work it difficult from the first days to assess quality and reliability. One last point, it is worth negotiating a protracted guarantee period with the trader particularly if they will not budge on the purchase price. Try and find a warranty extending into a year and everything you will have caught a whole lot in your refurbished copiers!


If there’s anything that I’ve heard about refurbished copiers let it be these two fundamental facts. First of all, refurbished copiers are as good as brand new copiers. Second, they can cost up to 85% under a brand new copier saving you thousands of dollars on a top spec model. If you switch to refurbished copiers the only difference you’ll notice is more cash in your pocket!