Xerox C60 Production Color Multifunction Laser Printer Copier Scanner For Business

Are you looking for the best office copiers in Toronto? The Xerox Color C60 Printer is part of marketing flexibility, professional picture quality, and the ability to expand with your company. In addition, it’s a one-stop-shop for productivity improvement in any setting.

Overview Of The Printer


  • From The Start, A Versatile And Cost-Effective Solution

A multifunctional color copier in Toronto provides the flexibility and effective workflow that your team requires. Your design, creative, and production teams are looking for a higher standard of quality and completion. 

The Xerox Color C60 Printer combines all of the advantages. It also qualifies as the lowest price Toronto copier. Print, copy, fax (optional), and scan with the Xerox Color C60, including scanning and printing from a PC, USB, or mail. It can even print from most mobile phones and tablets. The Xerox Color C60 enhances any team’s efficiency in this way.

Row of different copier machines

  • Exceeding Customer Expectations

The Xerox Color C60 Printer is meant to generate high-quality digital prints. You get excellent results every time, be it a consumer brochure, a compelling proposal or present, an eye-catching poster, or even window decals or polyester signs that you require to print.

The Xerox Color C60 Printer simplifies collecting, editing, and storing documents, providing you with all the tools you will need to complete a high-quality job quicker.

  • Capture Efficiency

Multitasking at its finest. The color copiers Toronto ensures that all files can be captured, printed, copied, faxed (optional), or routed simultaneously. On-screen previews of scans and faxes help you avoid mistakes.

Time and steps are conserved. The Xerox Color C60 provides excellent scanning and enables you to send files to any location. Email lists, save them onboard and transmit them to a PC, server, USB drive, or fax machine. In just one step, you could create a searchable PDF.

With the power of Xerox Workflow Solutions, you can expand your options and revolutionize the way business is done.

ConnectKey for DocuShare from Xerox. Directly scan files into Xerox DocuShare folders. With easy file naming and routing tools, you can go beyond essential file storage and PDF creation by instantly turning documents into intelligent, structured data.

With XMPie, you can make it more personal. You may expand into high-value variable applications at a cheap cost and with ease with XMPie’s unstable data printing software. Scan to PC Desktop from Xerox Link Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, and paper combined.

Xerox C60 Production Color Multifunction Laser Printer Copier Scanner For Business

  • Secure And Assured

EAL3 certification for the entire system based on Common Criteria (ISO 15408). As a result, the Xerox Color C60 Printer meets the most demanding security requirements. Print with confidence with the lowest price Toronto Copiers. Hold print tasks inside the queue until the user inputs the password to keep documents secret.

Password-protected PDFs. To open and see a critical scan, you’ll need a password. Encryption is standard 256-bit and FIPS 140-2. Image Recopy is the gold standard for data protection.

  • Costs Can Be Readily Controlled And Tracked

Standard Accounting at Xerox. This program is a common feature on the device that is installed locally. It has comprehensive accounting tools that allow you to track, evaluate, and restrict device usage. In addition, this office copier Toronto shows you where your expenses are coming from to minimize them.


Summing up 

Every business requires photocopiers to help execute their tasks. With the lowest price Toronto copiers from Shai The Copy Guy, we assure you the quality product at the most reasonable rates.