Top 5 Color Copiers for Small Business: Cost, Quality, & Features Explained

Suppose you are running a small-scale business that operates on various technologies. In that case, you need to make proper and effective buying decisions that can handle all your office or business operations without any major problems. Office copiers in Toronto are required to handle various operations like scanning documents, printing graphics or designs, faxing, etc. 

Here are the five best colour copiers for small businesses


 Xerox C60

Color Copiers for Small Business

 Xerox C60 costs around $117/month on lease in the Toronto copiers sale. It comes with a premium quality that commits to the fastest, safest and most durable operation performer and can undergo several operations simultaneously without any errors. The Xerox C60 is effective in both durability and compatibility, offers various functions and helps small-scale businesses in their operations effectively. 


 Sharp MX-2640 

The Sharp MX-2640 is one of the finest products for your daily business needs and costs around $39.95/month for lease. It can handle pages up to 26 x A4 pages and provides the best resolution prints. It is the cheapest yet most affordable product for your business and office copiers’ needs.


 Ricoh MP C306 

Ricoh MP C306  is the perfect solution for all your office and home needs as it offers great clarity and details of the work, with its finest technology and features. You can purchase it at the lowest price of $1,995. It is compatible with your smartphone and computer to print with its e-print facility. It is one of Canada’s lowest price office copiers to consider in the long run.


Ricoh MP C3004

The Ricoh MP C3004 offers various functions like screen touch for printing options, direct USB ports for connectivity, and an output of 35 ppm. It is designed to survive in the long run and offers premium features worth the price. It’s your one-stop destination for copiers/printers for all your business needs and perfectly fits your work environment. You can easily lease it for $59/month.


 REPO Xerox Altalink C8045 

Xerox has stood for its reliability and product specifications for so many years in the printing industry. It can print 45 ppm and has a monthly duty cycle of up to 200,000 pages. The premium features like e-printing, USB connectivity and faxing, make it to the top in the copier industry. At least, it costs around $59.00/month in the office printer sale.


Cost Of Color Copiers in Toronto

These multifunctional products are built to work up to 15 to 30 users at a time, and it comes with affordable pricing in the market. You can find the lowest price copiers at Absolute Toner, one of the most trusted dealers in the Toronto area, offering the finest quality and sustainable colour copiers for small-scale businesses to run in the long run. You can either lease or purchase from various copiers/printers available. All other equipment like cartridges, toners and inks cartridges should be considered with the required cost and should not exceed your business expenses.