Black And White Copiers

Over the past few years, we’ve seen an increase in the number of companies choosing to rent or buy colour photocopiers and network printers over black and white copiers. However, with more and more businesses attempting to save money, many more are shifting back to black and white printing, meaning that this colour printing trend may be set to reverse.

Colour copiers manufactured in the past couple of years frequently have the option to default to black and white printing and can be changed to colour printing only when it is utterly crucial. This is a trend many companies have seen, having an influx of enquires being sent regarding placing digital colour photocopiers to black and white copiers as default.

Printing in colour was shown to have many advantages, especially for sales and promotional materials, such as capturing attention, adding extra impact and appearing more professional than black and white prints. The issue is that, even though colour printing and photocopying prices have decreased over the last few decades, it works out considerably more expensive than black and white copiers. But when you incorporate the amount of outsourcing colour prints, often it works out more cost effective to run a photocopier that could reach black and white printing and conduct all of the printing in-house.

Before deciding whether to change to black and white copiers, businesses should be sure their colour photocopier or printer is capable of economic white and black printing. Some colour desktop network printers printing in black and white by using all of the colours together, if that is true then switching to black and white output would not be more cost effective and may raise the amount of colour ink or toner used.

The present recession and changes in the world market are certain to ignite numerous changes in businesses across all industries. The switch to more companies being inclined to cut down on their colour printing is a certain sign that companies are searching for ways to decrease spending. Developing a strict print strategy in any company can be among the fastest and simplest methods for any business to spend less, and this might often mean just using the photocopiers for colour output signal when absolutely necessary, or choosing to conduct a black and white copier as a substitute for a complete shade device. Printing, if performed correctly and organised, so it is as efficient as possible, maybe something that’s essential for companies to stay afloat.


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